Collection CRM 
for Faster Debt Recovery

Banking CRM to automate all your early-stage debt collection, sending timely invoice follow-ups, and increasing collection efficiency

Suitable for all sizes of Financial Institutions

With Advanced Automation and Guided Actions

Online Banking
Credit Cards

Improve Your Collection By Planning Your Team's Efficiency - in 3 Simple Steps

From customer segmentation to debt collection predictions and guided team actions

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Categorize Your Customers & Define Your Collection Strategy
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Prompt Customers with Automated Reminders & Timely Follow-Ups.
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Track Agent's Performance & Improve Collections Efficiency.

Achieve 25-30% of Higher Collection Efficiency with Maxyfi's Automation

Personalize Your Customer Portal for Increased Customer Response

The customizable portal enables your clients to respond quickly and digitally with 2x more response times, 80% faster payment recovery, and intelligent features like callbacks and payment time

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Send Customized & Automated Overdue Notifications via WhatsApp

Automated Omnichannel Follow-ups such as Email, SMS, and WhatsApp invoice reminders for different segments of your customers, which saves you time and effort

Make Effective Collection Calls that Gets You Paid Faster

Ensure that customers that are more likely to be paid are prioritized, and make follow-up calls on time. As a bonus, Twilio Cloud Telephony to record each call.

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Make your Field Agent’s Debt Collection Visit Efficient

The 360° view will help you know the gaps in your collections process, enable agents to identify customers nearby and track everything they do on the field.

Track and Plan your Team's Days Efficiently

Plan your collection team's day by prioritizing actions that require immediate attention, such as payment promises and call-back requests, from the dashboard's Needs Action section.

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Turbo-charge your Debt Collection without affecting your Customer Relationship

You can receive payments through Maxyfi by offering an array of payment channels such as Stripe, Razorpay, and Mpesa, as well as analyzing customer interests for preferred modes of payment.

Easily Generate, Send & Track Legal Letters

Automate your legal workflows and provide recovery agents quick access so they can manage all of your non-paying clients efficiently.

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Manage your Collections with Extreme Caution

We care for your safety and Compliance

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Your Data is Secure with us, No Worries

Maxyfi prioritizes bank grade data security and high availability, and we carefully choose partners, components, and strategies to provide a safe and robust environment.