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Generate recurring source of revenue and provide value-added services to your clients by becoming Maxyfi Implementation and Service Partner

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Global Use Case

Cashflow issues and Accounts Receivable challenges are faced by every Credit Based Businesses. Your customers will also have this need which you can address via Maxyfi

Get More Revenue

Generate recurring revenue plus additional income from providing specialized Maxyfi Implementation services. Plus we'll redirect customers who need implementation services

Best Features and Pricing

Completely SaaS Based and Configurable, Meet your customer needs in minutes. Open and transparent pricing that is the best in the market

Our Partner Benefits​

Recurring Revenue

Additional Income

Partner Portal

Free Credit

Sales Collaterals


Our Partner Benefits​

Secure your business cashflow

Receive commission on all applicable Subscription amounts collected from your Clients. The commission amount is negotiable, and the Client stays our customer for the duration of the partnership.

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