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Revolutionizing finance management through intuitive debt and AR software solutions.

Maxyfi Vision

Vision To Contribute
To The Growth Of Business

Maxyfi, as a team, dreams to help the businesses grow financially without facing hard obstacles like imbalanced cash flow, increased bad debts, and so on by accelerating the collection of accounts receivable.

Mission Towards An Effortless
Collection Of Bad Debts

As an organization ourselves, we know the pain of losing funds as the unpaid accounts receivable. So, Maxyfi is on a mission to make the collection of accounts receivable simple and effortless eliminating human error.

Maxyfi Mission

Our SCORE Values


Simple to use solution

Compliant to safeguard your data



Opportunity to maximize your finance

Resilient to bring you new innovations



Empower you with process automation

What Pushed Us To This Big Step?

All of us will search for a solution only when we're under a tight spot. Our case is also the same. We were the victims of bad debts, due to the lack of centralized accounts receivable management.

Reduce DSO img
We had a service-based business, where we focused only on service delivery and not on following up on the payments. As the days passed, our DSO shoot up like a rocket, putting our business at the stake. We appointed a dedicated person to track with the customer on payments, but the outcome was not as expected.
Accounts Receivable Automation Tracking
When we dug deeper, we found the reason that our follow up strategy did not include a practice with casual reminders, ad-hoc timing of reminders and no tracking when there is a promise or resolving when there is a dispute. We also couldn't audit his work as there was a lack of any centralized tracking system.
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We could clearly picture that, we need software to make it better, where we can see the overall status and audit what follow-up is happening. We found some software that is offered to businesses and takes up to 10% of the billing value as fees. This fact hit us harder! Why should a company pay so much to get their owed money back?
Best Account Receivable Automation Software Target
In the end we understood that every small, medium and large businesses need an easy-to-use application which should be cost effective as well. We went a step ahead and consulted 100's of Accounts Receivable specialists on what they do and what pain points they go through. And that's how our journey on building the Best Account Receivable Automation Software - Maxyfi started.

Meet the team.


Ashraf Ali


With over 20+ years of creative and strategic experience in Customer and Delivery Excellence, our Customer Success Officer (CSO) leads our global project delivery teams, ensuring frontline impact and client satisfaction.And,with 10+ years of experience in elevatingMultiple B2C e-commerce businesses, our CSO can help take your business to new heights!


Thilak Raju


With over 20+ years of management experience, he brings a unique perspective to every challenge. His skills include working with stakeholder groups, multi-client projects, data warehouses, B2B sales, building the best B2B SaaS products, and scaling successful businesses with innovative strategy and leadership.




A strong asset of our company and a passionate innovator, with 7+ years of experience understanding emerging technologies and building highly scalable, highly available, internet-scale, robust, mission-critical, and scalable systems, Our technology is always cutting-edge due to his extensive technological knowledge.




20+ Years of Product and Domain experience in Debt Collection, Regulatory Reporting, Fintech, and Lending. Led engineering teams for a Large PaaS Unicorn and built award-winning applications for the global market. Passionate towards innovation and solving key customer challenges with the use of Technology.

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