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How do we arrive at this value? Choose your AR team size and employee costs to estimate your business' Productivity ROI

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Every business wants to hold on to its cash for its critical and prioritized needs. The most important aspect of Accounts Receivable is how to position yourself on the prioritized list of your customers where you get paid on time

Casual and irregular reminders will not help in positioning that plus there is no singular approach that fits all your customers.

Accounts Receivable has always been

Human-centric resulting in human errors
Time intensive
Lack of collaboration
Without continuity and auditing

You can achieve optimum Cashflows only when you implement processes and make them collaborative and audited.

Maxyfi Accounts Receivable CRM helps businesses globally to reduce DSO and enhance team productivity/efficiency by

businesses globally

Configure your best Accounts Receivable practices as workflows, brings reliability and way to measure and improvise

businesses globally

Automating the communications to customers where users need not spend time preparing and sending reminders

businesses globally
Ease of Use

All inbound and Outbound communications is integrated within app to quickly review and respond from one place.

businesses globally
Human Centric

All critical Accounts Receivable events like Promise, Dispute. Etc. comes with human centric alerts for positive outcome

businesses globally

Centralized data capture of all actions and Communications enabling complete auditing

businesses globally

Easier collaboration between various teams enabling BAU even when some team member is unavailable

businesses globally

Realtime dashboards and Reports give insights on cash flow and also a deep analytical view of each customer

businesses globally

Empowering customers to pay and respond effectively through the dedicated portal for each customer