AI-Powered Accounts Receivable Dashboard

AI-Powered Accounts Receivable Dashboard

An Accounts Receivable Dashboard is the most powerful one-stop option that provides users with total visibility of Overdue Invoices, Insights, Actions, and much more. The data is represented visually to quickly identify trends, outliers, and correlations. The dashboard also assists the user to analyze deeper by downloading a detailed report or navigating to the relevant section on click.

Let's discuss :

  • What is Accounts Receivable Dashboard?

  • Why is the Accounts Receivable Dashboard important?

  • What are the benefits of an Accounts Receivable Dashboard?

  • Maxyfi's AI-Powered Dashboard


What Is an Accounts Receivable Dashboard?

An accounts receivable dashboard is a 360° overview of all your accounts receivable data and real-time insights such as key performance indicators(KPIs) and reports.

It presents a clear understanding of your business's financial position, cash inflow status, and accounts receivable key metrics. It also identifies your top debtors and actions you need to take to follow up using visually appealing graphs, line charts, and donut charts.

An accounts receivable dashboard can help you gather in-depth insights into your business's financial capital, the rate of your collection efficiency, average days sales outstanding(DSO), aging of receivables, and other important metrics.


Why Is the Accounts Receivable Dashboard Important?

The core of any business's functioning is its cash flow. To understand the business's cash flow growth and keep in check the working capital for the long run, it's important to have an accounts receivable dashboard that can provide in-depth insights into your accounts receivable collection.

An accounts receivable dashboard pulls all the data into clear and understandable graphs and charts in one place, making it easier for you to get your day-to-day tasks done. Even senior executives can easily track the metrics generated instantly, helping them with high-level financial reporting and decision-making better.

An accounts receivable dashboard offers real-time data insights and forecasting trends, improving visibility into the business's financial health and making it efficient to plan and strategize for future investments.

Without an accounts receivable dashboard, it can be difficult to keep a track of all the data while calculating important metrics, following up regularly, and collecting outstanding payments while lagging behind other important tasks.

That's why a dashboard is one of the most powerful yet efficient features built for optimal accounts receivable automation.


What Are The Benefits Of An Accounts Receivable Dashboard?

  1. Increased Transparency into your accounts receivable data, in a single, shared database with insightful metrics and reports.

  2. Improved Working Capital by recovering bad debts faster and keeping your business cash inflow in check.

  3. Efficient Collection Practices to collect outstanding and due invoices on time by setting up suggested workflows and taking needed actions to follow up regularly.

  4. Productive Workforce by making tracking and monitoring automated with instant reports and saving time to focus on other strategic tasks such as improving customer experience.


Maxyfi's AI-Powered Dashboard

Maxyfi's AI-Powered Dashboard provides a financial summary of all the outstanding, due and overdue invoices. This can give an idea of your cash flow growth to scale up your business and ensure that you are proactive in accounts receivable collection to avoid unpaid invoices, bad debts, or credit risks.

The intuitive dashboard offers an aging summary graph with the aging timelines against the USD. You can instantly generate the aging report by downloading it. It also displays the Average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) near the graph. This helps you figure out the average time taken to collect your receivables so that you can plan workflows and schedule follow-ups accordingly.

There is a table of actions to understand which actions needed to be implemented for follow-up. Once you click on a row, you will be taken to the list of customers in which the actions must be taken. This makes it efficient to achieve a clear and visual view of follow-ups for specific customers.

Maxyfi's dashboard owns a unique donut chart curated with all the custom actions to help you understand where each customer's payment or workflow status stands. This is a visual representation of all your customers' actions in one place to understand the efficiency of your accounts receivable management.

The dashboard also provides a list of top debtors that can help you prioritize follow-ups effectively.

Maxyfi's dashboard is an efficient feature designed to make your work easy and productive while saving time to focus on other strategic tasks. The real-time dashboard keeps you updated on all the data in one place while delivering insightful metrics and reports to you.

Try Maxyfi's unique dashboard and see the wonders it can bring to your accounts receivable management!



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