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for Efficient Accounts Receivable

Empower your team to track and follow up with your customers efficiently, predict payments, and get paid faster

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Experience the Power of Automation

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Here's How Maxyfi Automates Your Entire Accounts Receivable Process

From customer segmentation to accounts receivable predictions and guided team actions

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Easy Integration

Our API integration provides seamless integration and synching with spreadsheets and all kinds of accounting books.

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Automated Invoicing

Customer follow-ups were made easy with automation and personalized communication

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Real-time Insights

A real-time progress analysis and insights into all outstanding invoices to assist you in taking better financial decisions.

Complete Customer Management and Process Audit

Get a 360-degree view of your customer profiles and manage your customers efficiently

4X Customer Experience with Super Effective Portal Personalization

You'll get 2x more customer response, 80% faster payments, and intelligent features like payment time and callback through Customer Portal Customization, enabling your clients to respond digitally.

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WhatsApp to notify your customers when they're Overdue

Send automated omnichannel follow-ups to your customers, such as WhatsApp invoice reminders and payment reminders, so that your accounts receivable team can focus on where it is needed most.

Easy Invoice Generation for Generating Invoices

Generate your own invoices for the goods or services your organization offers to the customers, streamline your accounts receivable process and improve your cash flow.

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Make your customers pay with Seamless Payment Options

Maxyfi allows you to receive payments through various payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay, and Mpesa to quicken payments and reduce overdue debts.

Multi Currency Support

Maxyfi supports over 160+ currencies from around the world, making global transactions hassle-free and seamless. Our user-friendly interface lets you manage your finances in any currency, all in one place. Experience the ease of managing international transactions with our platform today!

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Improved Follow-up Calls with Inbuilt Recording

Through Twilio Cloud Telephony, which is integrated into Maxyfi, you can now improve and enhance the call follow-up process by recording the conversation between your customers.

Automated Workflows for Efficient Customer Communication

Many customizable and automated workflows with variable frequency are available to send effective invoice reminders that efficiently encourage your customers to pay.

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Track and Plan your Team's Actions

You can track and monitor your AR team's actions, which helps you ensure productivity. From the Needs Action section of the dashboard, your team can track the next actions, such as payment promises and call-back requests.

Maxyfi's advanced automation & guided action are Suitable for the following industries:


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