Is Your Business Sinking Into Debts? Maybe This Is The Reason!

Is Your Business Sinking Into Debts? Maybe This Is The Reason!

Don't get my point wrong! This may sound terrible. But witnessing your business falling is the most awful thing that could happen to any entrepreneur. Are you at this stage? Or are you on the verge of entering this stage?  

Confused about why your business is sinking? Maybe, you would have failed to concentrate on these areas!  

Wanna know what are the struggles that businesses like yours facing? Then scroll down!!!!!  


Accounts Receivable Challenges that Businesses Face Due to Bad Debts   

Businesses struggling with bad debts are those who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of a big number of outstanding debts that are unlikely to be repaid. Bad debts can increase in a corporation for a variety of reasons, including economic downturns, changes in customers, and greater competition.  

When a company's bad debts rise, it can have a significant impact on its financial health and stability. This is because bad debts represent a loss of income for the company and can also lower the amount of available working capital, which has an indirect effect on the accounts receivable process. Moreover, a company with a high degree of bad debt may have a more difficult time getting funding from banks or investors, as lenders and investors are often wary of committing money to enterprises in financial trouble.  

Businesses may need to take a variety of initiatives to reduce the effect of bad debts. For example, they may need to strengthen their credit risk management processes, such as improved screening of customers and closer monitoring of existing customers' payment habits. They may also need to strengthen their collection processes, such as increasing the frequency of follow-ups with late-paying customers.  

Businesses may also need to rearrange their operations or cut expenditures in some circumstances to improve their financial status. This may entail downsizing their workforce, discontinuing unprofitable activities, or selling assets.  

Finally, organizations that are battling with bad debts must adopt a proactive approach to tackling the issue and identifying solutions that will assist them in regaining financial stability. This may entail getting expert financial counsel or collaborating with accounts receivable software to assist them in managing their outstanding payments and improving their financial situation.  


Some of the struggles you may have (faced) as a result of bad debts in your business that you believe can’t be resolved or overcome  

1. Your Accounts Receivable Process is completely reliant on the people  

There is a popular saying in the industry, " Men may come and go as they wish. But the company should keep going". Likewise, it would be best if you were not completely reliant on resources.  

Whatever happens, whoever leaves you, you should be capable of filling that space. You have to make sure you have alternatives and solutions for all the responsibilities and personalities.  

What if one of your accounting staff leaves at the time of filing the accounts without making proper arrangements? Wish this should not happen to any company! But, what if?  

At that time, you should be capable of at least filing the accounts. For that, you should not prepare the documents at the last minute. Just have a monthly audit and file the needed information and bills.  


2. Failing To Keep An Eye On Your Accounts Receivable Management System  

I'm sure all of us would have ignored some person who owes us a payment, at least once in our lifetime. But you should do a different thing in business!  

In business, every penny matters! So better concentrate on collecting your accounts receivable much before the closing of accounts. If you fail, there will be an imbalance in the cash flow of your company.  

While collecting the payment dues, if you go for manual methods, there are chances of human error, which are quite costly. So better switch to accounts receivable automation software like Maxyfi!  

You can avoid all the problems you'll face while collecting the accounts receivable when you implement Maxyfi. Witness the steady and streamlined cash flow and improvised collection of your accounts receivable!!  


3. Misinterpretation of your client's needs in the Accounts Receivable  

Being imperfect is acceptable. But you have to scale up by learning from your imperfections. Likewise, you have to understand the needs of your customers from every trial and cater to them.  

If you ignore this sector and stick to only one ideology, your business will come to a halt, interrupting your organization's cash flow and growth. As your business is a place where the money goes in a circular motion, this will further push you toward massive losses. As a result, it is critical to focus more on your client's requirements to avoid miscommunication between the customer and your organization.  

It's practically hard to do this manually, but with automated accounts receivable management software, it's a piece of cake where you can handle all of your customer’s demands without disrupting your organization's cash flow and growth.  

4. Poor Accounts Receivable Process with Poor People Management  

Managing different sets of people(customers) without any dispute is a challenging task! Every team in your accounts receivable management system should work in a coordinated manner to reach the goal.  

The organization's boss should ensure that the team is focused on one goal: the organization's growth. People management is an art form in which only those with a positive attitude flourish. If the team fails, the entire organization will fail, resulting in losses.  

As a result, it's critical to check and ensure that your team is constantly working together to achieve the same goal. Only by establishing an AI-powered automated accounts receivable process to monitor and maintain all of your organization's cash flow and development would this be attainable.  


5. Accounts Receivable Management System fails without proper staffing  

You must pick the correct individual for the role. If you fail to appoint the right and deserving employee to collect all of your accounts receivable, and he fails to do it efficiently, you and your company will suffer in the end.  

For example, if you appoint someone to follow up with customers and remind them to pay their pending dues, and they forget to send the invoice reminders because of carelessness, you cannot sue the customer for the payment dues.  

So, implement Accounts Receivable Automation Software such as Maxyfi to avoid errors and have a record of the reminders you've already sent to your customers.  


6. Accounts Receivable Process Error: Marking an Invoice as Paid before it’s Paid  

Simply because your invoice was received by the customer does not indicate that the invoice amount was paid. If your customers fail to pay you on time, send them automatic reminders via email or SMS regularly. Mark it as unpaid until you get the money, then update it to pay when you do.  

If you tagged a customer as paid but never received the payment and forgot about it in your daily hectic schedule. Congrats, you are the only cause of your company's decreased cash flow. I'm kidding. However, it will have a direct impact on your organization's overall income.  



I hope you find this blog interesting and informative! I agree that running a company is not an easy task. However, there are certain underlying causes for your business's failure that we never notice.  

I've just highlighted a few points. Similarly, if you dig deeper and do a root cause analysis, you will discover various problems that will differ from one company to the next. So, keep an eye on your business. Don't only look at the bottom line. Make sure your accounts receivable and administration are in order!!  

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