Disputes In Collecting The Accounts Receivable - A Secret Solution To Manage It!!

Disputes In Collecting The Accounts Receivable - A Secret Solution To Manage It!!

Do you know what is the biggest threat to your Accounts Receivable Management? It's "DISPUTE". That too "INVOICE DISPUTE"!!! 

Many of the financial team will overlook invoice disputes unless the customers raise it as a strong concern. The major reason for this is a lack of knowledge about different types of disputes that will arise while invoicing, which will lead to unrecovered accounts receivable. 

Before proceeding let's have a quick view on dispute management! 


Accounts Receivable Dispute Management: 

Accounts receivable dispute management involves resolving invoice and billing statement discrepancies that arise. Disputes over invoices can occur when a client decides they should not be responsible for paying an invoice for whatever reason. 

It can easily hurt the company's cash flow if these disputes are not actively managed and resolved. Businesses write off a significant number of invoice disputes as a bad debt - often because the problem was not resolved promptly. 

That's why we wanted to educate you on dispute management in accounts receivable. If you don't have time or manpower to deal with this, we have a "Solution" for you at the end of this blog. 


Types Of Accounts Receivable Disputes You'll face: 

The first step to planning strategies to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently is to familiarize oneself with the various types of disputes. They are as follows: 


1. Incorrect Invoice Amount  

The term "INVOICE" refers to the amount of money owed by a customer to the seller of a product or service. These disputes might create payment delays and damage the customer-vendor relationship.  

The use of an automated system to settle disagreements is one method of resolving disputes. This kind of solution can assist in streamlining the invoicing process and reducing the possibility of errors or miscommunication.  

Moreover, accounts receivable automation software can assist you in ensuring that invoice data is correct and up to date. This can be accomplished by implementing automated transaction processing tools that can extract information from purchase orders and other documents and automatically complete fields on invoices.  

Overall, accounts receivable automation software may assist in decreasing the risk of incorrect invoice disputes while also allowing suppliers to settle disputes promptly and effectively when they arise. By automating the invoicing process and offering real-time visibility into invoice activity, this sort of solution may help you to optimize your cash flow and develop a relationships between you and your customers.  


2. Product Not As Described  

Your accounts receivable management system should be thoroughly inspected to confirm that the accurate product description and price were recorded in the system. Any data entry errors should be addressed quickly to avoid additional imbalances.  

When the process has been verified, you should contact the customer to get further information about the dispute. Listen to your customer's issues and work together to develop a mutually beneficial solution. You should also offer your customer a full explanation of the product description and any applicable evidence to back their claims.  

If the dispute cannot be addressed through conversation and documentation, the situation may need to be escalated to the legal department. The legal team can evaluate the agreement and any other relevant material to decide the best course of action. This may involve filing a lawsuit or pursuing arbitration to settle the dispute.  

Finally, a dispute about the accuracy of accounts receivable collection may be a difficult scenario for any organization. But, by carefully analyzing the situation, speaking with the customer, and getting legal counsel if required, you can resolve the dispute and retain your reputation for financial openness and accuracy.  


3. General Dispute  

Dispute resolution features in automated accounts receivable processes help organizations resolve conflicts swiftly and efficiently. Automated systems, for example, can track and record every communication with your customer regarding the dispute, including emails and phone calls. This data can aid in the resolution of the dispute by giving a clear record of the issue and any steps made to address it.  

Additionally, by enhancing communication and transparency with your customers, an automated accounts receivable process might help you avoid disputes entirely. Customers can receive real-time updates on their account status, including outstanding invoices and payments received, through automated systems. This transparency can assist in creating confidence with your customers and avoid disputes in the first place.  

In summary, disputes in the accounts receivable collection process may be a major issue for you. Yet, automating your accounts receivable process can assist you in streamlining your collection process, reducing errors, and increasing productivity. Dispute resolution features in automated systems help you handle complaints quickly and effectively while boosting communication and transparency with your customers.  


4. Payment / Credit Note Not Processed  

Disputes over the processing of payments or credit notes may emerge while dealing with accounts receivable collections. These disputes can be caused by a variety of factors, including processing errors, wrong amounts or dates, or disagreements regarding the credit note's authenticity.  

The first step in settling a payment or credit note dispute is determining the source of the problem. This can be accomplished by comparing the payment or credit note to the original invoice and any other relevant documents. After identifying the problem, the accounts receivable staff may engage with the customer to resolve it.  

If the dispute cannot be resolved through direct communication with the customer, the issue can be escalated using accounts receivable management software. If required, the application may create warnings and notifications to higher-level management, as well as launch legal action.  

Overall, you can use accounts receivable management software to expedite the payment and credit note processing process, decrease the risk of disputes, and promptly handle any difficulties that do emerge. This not only saves time and money for your organization, but it also helps to retain positive customer relationships.  


5. Duplicate / Double Billed Invoice  

The Duplicate / Double Billed Invoicing dispute refers to a customer being charged twice in two separate invoices for the same product or service. This might be due to an invoicing issue or a fault in the invoicing system.  

Accounts receivable management software can be implemented to resolve this dispute. This software is intended to automate the invoicing process and track customer payments, ensuring that all invoices are correct and up to date.  

By implementing accounts receivable management software to address a duplicate invoicing dispute, the application can identify any invoices that have been double-billed and inform the invoicing team. The staff can then analyze the problem and take corrective action, such as sending a refund or revising the customer's account balance.  

Overall, accounts receivable management software can aid in the prevention of repeated invoicing disputes by ensuring that all invoices are accurate and up to date, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and expediting the invoicing process.  


6. Product / Service Not Received  

When a customer claims to have paid for a product or service but has not received it, this is referred to as a Product/Service Not Received dispute. This may be a frustrating experience for both the buyer and the vendor, resulting in lost income and tarnished reputations.  

Accounts receivable management software, which provides a consolidated platform for tracking and managing customer payments and orders, can assist in resolving these disputes. As products or services are supplied or delivered, the application can automatically reconcile payments with orders and provide alerts to customers. If a dispute arises, the application can assist the seller in promptly investigating and resolving the issue by giving full payment and shipment data. This can assist to avoid future disagreements and increase customer satisfaction.  


7. Product / Service Is Canceled  

Disputes over canceled goods or services, as well as the accounts receivable associated with them, might pose a regular issue for businesses like yours. When a customer cancels a product or service, it frequently causes confusion and irritation in overpayment obligations, which can lead to arguments and disputes.  

Accounts receivable automation software can help you handle these sorts of issues. This software is intended to simplify the accounts receivable process by making it easier to track payments, resolve disputes, and interact with your customers.  

You can guarantee that all payment information is correctly captured and saved in a centralized location by using accounts receivable automation software. This reduces the possibility of manual errors and makes tracking customer payments and balances easier. When a customer quits a product or service, the application may adjust the account balance and notify the customer automatically.  

Finally, disputes over canceled goods or services and associated accounts receivable might be difficult for you. You may enhance customer relationships and financial management by using accounts receivable automation software to expedite your payment process, increase contact with your customers, and rapidly settle disputes.  


8. Invoice Unrecognized  

When a customer disputes a charge on their invoice, they argue that they did not get the products or services, or that the authorities are inaccurate. It might cause payment delays and strain on the customer relationship.  

Accounts receivable management software can assist you in resolving this issue by automating the dispute resolution process, allowing you to quickly track and handle conflicts. The application can identify disputed invoices and alert your team members, allowing them to immediately analyze and resolve the issue. It can also serve as a forum (customer portal) for your customers to file complaints, ensuring transparency and accountability. You may reduce the impact on your cash flow and retain great customer relationships by using efficient dispute resolution. 


Deduction in the Accounts Receivable 

In account receivables, a deduction is an amount that a customer fails to pay in full for certain goods and services due to various reasons such as damaged goods, shipping delays, billing errors, and any other reason. 


Flow Of Dispute Management Process 

The accounts receivable process team usually discovers the disputes only after contacting a client about a past-due invoice. When the dispute is discovered, the client might be referred to someone at the organization who handles disputes [generally the payment collection team]. 

From there, it is a good idea to input the dispute into a tracking system to prioritize the case according to how serious the dispute is, how much is at stake, and how long your relationship with the client has been. 

Every company will investigate the reason and resolve the dispute differently based on the nature of the dispute. Account resolution teams, however, may have to consult relevant stakeholders like accounting or warehouse as well as gather the necessary data (customer files, invoices, shipping documents, etc.). 

Then, you will be able to determine how to handle the issue based on the information gathered, the validity of the dispute, and whether to try to collect in full or in part, refund the customer, or possibly write off the debt. It may be necessary to approve any or all of these resolutions. 

Following up with the customer is the final step. 


Accounts Receivable Process - The Secret Solution 

I can hear what you're murmuring right now! You don't have the time, resources, and patience to do all these steps, right? 

What if we give a one-click solution that can resolve all your problems? It can find out what type of dispute your invoice has, frame a powerful collection strategy for you, can send frequent reminders to your customers without annoying them and give you a bird's eye view of your accounts receivable at the customer level and invoice level. 

Have I told you its name? 

It's "MAXYFI --> The One-click Solution to All Your Accounts Receivable Needs" 

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