Accounts Receivable Automation: How Will It Improve Your Customer Experience?

Accounts Receivable Automation: How Will It Improve Your Customer Experience?

Have you ever experienced the agony of tracking down customer payments as a business owner?    

The manual accounts receivable process can be time-consuming, error-prone, and stressful for organizations of all sizes. According to research conducted by the Association for Financial Professionals, the typical organization spends 18.5 days (about two and a half weeks) every month on manual accounts receivable processes. That's a lot of time and money you might spend developing your business and enhancing customer experience.  

But what if there was a method to simplify the accounts receivable process while also improving the customer experience?    

Accounts receivable automation can help with this. By automating your accounts receivable processes, you can reduce time and effort managing invoices and payments, boost cash flow, and deliver a better customer experience.  

According to research conducted by The Hackett Group, businesses that used accounts receivable automation saw  

  • a 27% decrease in the cost of processing invoices, 

  • a 21% decrease in the time it takes to collect payments, 

  • a 17% decrease in the number of days sales outstanding (DSO).  

These enhancements not only save the company time and money but also result in satisfied customers who value the simplicity and efficiency of automated payment processes.   

Accounts receivable automation is worth considering if you want to increase your company's bottom line and give your customers a better experience. 


Best and Easy Ways of Improving Customer Experience 

By speeding up payments and decreasing errors, Accounts Receivable Automation Software can significantly enhance the customer experience. Here are some simple strategies to boost customer satisfaction with Accounts Receivable Automation Software: 


1. Online Payment Portal - A Convenient Way to Collect Your Bills! 

Are you sick of sending checks, standing in lengthy lines, or waiting until the next billing cycle to pay your bills? If this is the case, an Online Payment Portal might be the answer! An Online Payment Portal is a secure website that allows you to collect your invoices electronically from the comfort of your own home or workplace, using your credit or debit card or even your bank account.  

Online Payment Portals have grown in popularity among organizations, particularly those dealing with accounts receivable. Businesses can provide customers with a quick and hassle-free option to pay their bills using an Online Payment Portal. As a result, the customer experience improves, and the possibility of repeat business increases. 

Businesses can reduce the risk of late or missing payments by providing an Online Payment Portal, which allows customers to simply set up recurring payments or receive reminders when their invoices are due. This not only saves time for both the customer and the organization, but it also improves cash flow and eliminates the need for costly collection operations.  

In addition, Online Payment Portals provide a level of security that traditional payment methods may not always provide. Online Payment Portals use encryption technology and secure servers to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure from fraud or loss. 

In summary, an Online Payment Portal is the way to go if you're a business owner trying to streamline your accounts receivable process and increase your customer experience. An Online Payment Portal, with its simplicity, security, and efficiency, can help you optimize your payment process and get paid faster. So, why postpone it? Sign up for an Online Payment Portal today and get the rewards!  


2. Automated Reminders – A Convenient Way to Send Reminders 

Have you ever failed to pay a bill or missed a payment deadline? It happens to the best of us, but it can be a frustrating experience for both you as a customer and the company to whom you owe money. This is when automatic reminders come in handy.   

Companies utilize automated reminders to ensure that their customers do not forget about overdue invoices or payments. It works like this: the corporation sets up an automated system that sends customers email, text message, or phone call reminders about their outstanding amount or future payment due dates.  

Although it may not appear to be a big problem, automated reminders can leave a significant impact on the customer experience when it comes to accounts receivable. They support limiting the possibility of late payments and missed deadlines, which can result in late penalties or even credit score harm. Customers are more likely to pay on time and keep on top of their payments if they get regular reminders.  

Apart from the benefits to the customer, automated reminders can help the company's accounts receivable process. Companies can reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual follow-up with clients by automating the reminder process. This allows employees to focus on other vital activities while still ensuring customers receive regular and timely notifications regarding their accounts.  

Overall, automated payment reminders benefit both customers and businesses. They enhance the customer experience by sending timely and courteous reminders, and they help businesses make their accounts receivable processes more efficient and effective. So, the next time you get a nice reminder about an overdue payment, remember that it's just one way that businesses are attempting to improve your customer experience. 


3. Real-time Payment Tracking – A Convenient Way to Track Your Payment 

Real-time payment tracking is an innovative technology that enables businesses to follow the progress of their payments in real-time. It means you no longer have to wait days, if not weeks, to know if a price has been completed, and you can quickly check the progress of your transactions at every stage. 

Assume you're a business owner who has just issued an invoice to one of your clients. You are aware that they owe you money, but you are unsure when you will be refunded. Previously, you would have had to wait for the money to come before manually checking your bank account to see if it had been placed. The entire process might take many days, and even then, you might not be certain whether the payment was successful. 

All of that changes with real-time payment tracking. You can now get notifications when the payment starts and watch its progress as it transfers from the client's bank account to yours. This means you can see when the money is expected to arrive and be certain that it will be accepted.  

Real-time payment tracking enhances the customer experience by providing greater transparency and control over their payments. They can see when their money has been handled and have confidence that it will be delivered on time. Transparency fosters trust and confidence in your company, which may lead to greater loyalty and repeat business. 

Overall, real-time payment tracking is a game changer for companies that rely on timely payments to maintain a healthy cash flow. It saves time, lowers the likelihood of payment problems, and enhances the customer experience. If you want to enhance your bottom line by streamlining your accounts receivable procedure, real-time payment tracking is the way to go!  


4. Automated Payment Confirmation – A Convenient Way to Confirm Your Payment 

Have you ever paid for a product or service and doubted if the funds were received by the company? Perhaps you've been frustrated by receiving several payment reminders even after you've paid the invoice. These are classic customer pain spots in the accounts receivable process, but automated payment confirmation can eliminate these issues and enhance the entire customer experience.  

A system that allows businesses to get real-time notifications when a payment is made, processed, and deposited into their account is known as automated payment confirmation. Customers will no longer have to worry if their money was received, and businesses will be able to confirm the payment without the need for manual reconciliation. 

Yet, how does this improve the customer's experience? First and foremost, the automated payment confirmation reduces the need for customers to follow up on their payments, eliminating the stress and irritation associated with getting several reminders. It also gives customers peace of mind since they know the organization successfully processed and received their money.  

In addition, the speed and accuracy of automatic payment confirmation allow businesses to process payments more quickly, minimizing the time customers wait for their money to be credited to their accounts. This can be very useful for customers who need to make urgent payments or have short deadlines. 

Finally, automatic payment confirmation increases the overall efficiency of the accounts receivable process by freeing up time and resources that can be used to improve other parts of client care. Customers appreciate organizations that make the payment process straightforward and hassle-free, which can result in improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

In brief, automatic payment confirmation is a strong tool that could enhance the client experience in the accounts receivable process dramatically. Companies may increase customer happiness, loyalty, and trust by giving real-time notifications, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation, and enhancing efficiency. 


5. Self-Service Account Management – A Convenient Way to Manage the Account  

Self-service account management is an exciting new tool that has the potential to transform your accounts receivable process by allowing customers to handle their accounts on their own. It allows customers to take charge of their accounts by providing them with an easy and user-friendly platform via which they can check their account information, make payments, and alter their preferences without any help from your personnel.  

This functionality provides several advantages to both you and your clients. For starters, it saves your personnel time and effort by removing the need for manual processes and reducing the number of inquiries and requests your team receives. This allows them to devote their time to more vital targets, such as strengthening client connections, rather than spending time on administrative tasks.  

Also, self-service account management improves the client experience by making account administration more convenient and efficient. Customers can access the platform at any time and from any location to do numerous account-related tasks without having to wait for business hours or speak with a person. As a consequence, your customers will have a more smooth and frictionless customer experience, which will lead to increased levels of loyalty and retention.  

Another significant benefit of self-service account management is that it reduces errors and increases data accuracy. Customers who manage their accounts can guarantee that their information is up to date and correct, lowering the likelihood of errors or variations in the account information. This not only increases the general correctness of your data, but it also saves your personnel time and money in error correction.  

Overall, self-service account management is a game changer for your accounts receivable process, giving your clients an innovative and simple platform to handle their accounts. It saves time and effort for your team, promotes customer happiness, and improves data accuracy, all of which result in a better overall customer experience. So, if you want to take your accounts receivable process to the next level, consider self-service account management from accounts receivable software


Final Thoughts: Customer Experience through A/R Automation:  

Finally, establishing an Accounts Receivable software solution is a wonderful method to improve your company's customer experience. An Accounts Receivable software, with its user-friendly design and efficient operations, can offer an eye-catching and appealing solution to handle your receivables and invoicing processes.  

You can decrease errors, speed up payment processing, and enhance cash flow by automating the accounts receivable process. Customers will also appreciate the ease of online payments, real-time access to account balances, and the opportunity to rapidly handle any invoicing difficulties. 

Overall, investing in Accounts Receivable software is a wise decision for any company trying to improve the way it interacts with clients. It will not only help you manage your finances more efficiently, but it will also give a more simple and delightful experience for those who buy from you, leading to greater loyalty and sales.  

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