Maxyfi for Collection Teams

Accounts Receivable Automation for Collection Teams

Accounts Receivable is at its peak efficiency when it's a perfect combination of automated follow-ups and human-centric tasks carried out by Collection Teams. Why spend precious man-hours on tasks that can be automated? Rather get Collection teams to focus on High-Value transactions and specialized campaigns like Disputes.

Maxyfi Accounts Receivable CRM empowers Collection teams with the Right Tools, Processes, and information needed to act more efficiently. Plus the information is captured centrally enabling complete transparency, Audit, and multi-user collaboration. 

All customer information is on one page and organized so perfectly that Collection Teams can take forward the Accounts Receivable more confidently.

Never miss out on critical dates and Get Notifications and Reminders instantly for events like customer email responses, Promise reviews, Dispute reviews, Follow-ups, etc. etc.
No more manual preparation of reports, just configure and download the needed information.

Collaborate as a Team, With customer data Centrally captured along with the right process configured,  Multiple teams can efficiently process the tasks.

It is the perfect combination of automation and manual, Push automated notifications, Get a customer response, and the application stops the workflow for the user to review and reinstate.