Maxyfi for AR Managers

Accounts Receivable Automation for AR Managers

AR Managers play a vital role in the timely collection as well as supervising Accounts Receivable Team Activities as per the company's objective and compliance. With Unconventional tools, AR Managers need to spend long hours doing manual and repeated tasks, reducing overall efficiency and impacting their AR Manager role.

AR Managers should be empowered with the best Accounts Receivable Automation CRM that Automates most of the manual tasks and give full control of team activities and High-Value Transaction.

Allocate work to the team instantly through Maxyfi Accounts Receivable CRM. No more manual worklist creation and tracking

Get instant control of Accounts Receivable Progress. Take charge of Due Accounts Receivable tasks, Open Disputes, Top Debtors,etc.

Generate Accounts Receivable Management reports and forecasts in Minutes.Aging Summary, Customer Action Stage, and various projections are available in one Click.

Enforce Company compliance in your Accounts Receivable team by  standardizing Messages, Frequency, and Approach.Also, do deep-dive Audits when necessary.

Run Accounts Receivable activity as Business As Usual without the impacts  from Team Leaves, Natural Calamities, and Unforeseen Situations.