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Trusted by the world's great finance teams. Efficient purpose-built accounts receivable automation software, designed to help growing businesses accelerate their cash flow and enhance team productivity. Simple to setup, simple to use, simple and transparent pricing.

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Accounts Receivable Automation Simplified

Effortless and Streamlined Collections Process

Simplify the AR/collections process and save time and efforts while collecting your payments. Improve cash flow growth while minimizing the collection cycle

Lower Your DSO & Stabilize Cash Flow

With an efficient collections process, you can reduce the DSO and bring in more cash flow for your business. All it takes is less than 30 days to see the results

Eliminate Spreadsheets & Manual Work

Off with the spreadsheets and manual work. Automate your repetitive task and save time to focus on other important, strategic activities like improving customer experience

Faster Dispute Resolutions

Get increased visibility into invoices with disputes, identify the issue concerning the dispute and handle them effectively without losing on receivables

Collaborate Better Together

Break down barriers and reduce long back-and-forth discussions between teams. Increase team productivity by working together in-sync on one cloud platform

Real-time Cash Flow Visibility

Get real-time visibility into the credit health and collections performance. Predict and forecast cash inflow better with key metrics to empower informed decision-making and achieve collections target

2x Better Customer Response Rate

Personalize dunning emails and follow-ups for each customer with dynamic pre-defined templates. Enable better promise kept rate and smooth customer experience

Get Access To In-depth Insights and Accurate Reports

Gain in-depth insights on customers' credit health, payments status and performance metrics from real-time dashboard. Identify top debtors and instantly download reports for easy auditing

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Maxyfi for CFOs

CFOs want unbiased and insightful data points to successfully manage cash flow and decrease DSO. Maxyfi Accounts Receivable Automation Software does that so perfectly and empowers CFOs to make the right decisions.

Maxyfi for AR Managers & Controllers

AR Managers should be empowered with the best Accounts Receivable Automation CRM that Automates most of the manual tasks and give full control of team activities and High-Value Transaction

Maxyfi for Collections Teams

Maxyfi Accounts Receivable CRM empowers Collection teams with the Right Tools, Processes, and information needed to act more efficiently. Plus the information is captured centrally enabling complete transparency, Audit, and multi-user collaboration

What Our Customer Says About us
One-Click Integration Process
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Enjoy the experience of the simplest Accounts Receivable Software that integrates seamlessly with Cloud Accounting books or Spreadsheets in just a few seconds.

We care for your safety and Compliance

Data security and high availability is the top priority for us at Maxyfi. We carefully choose partners, components, and methodology to give a secure and robust environment.


Application is Hosted in AWS Secure Cloud that's AICPA SOC and 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 27701:2019, 22301:2019, 9001:2015 Certified


Maxyfi Uses Stripe for Subscription and Customer Payments. All the Card information entered is securely processed by Stripe as per PCI-DSS


Maxyfi is secured with Industry best Identity management software Keycloak for user federation, strong 2FA authentication, and authorization


Maxyfi is built with Secure Coding and tested against OWASP and SANS Threats.
Hosted securely in 3 Layer Robust Architecture with Web via TLS 1.3

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Just email us at support@maxyfi.com to have our team process the Cancellation.

YES, you get 2 Months FREE on the Yearly Plan. We have Other Discounts available for the Enterprise Plan Customers.

We'd be happy to answer them through our live chat, click the bottom right corner to chat with our Awesome Support Team. You can also email us support@maxyfi.com

Yes, Absolutely. You can start providing the AR Service to your clients by using Maxyfi.

We love to automate anything & everything. However, certain things have to be managed by humans like us. But the good news is, instead of hiring a Senior Person for a AR Process, you can accomplish the Dunning & Recovery Process with Maxyfi & a Junior Associate Combo. This will reduce your operation cost and meanwhile improve the efficiency too.

We love helping you, we have introduced an Industry Renowned FREE Certification Program called "Maxyfi Certified AR Consultant" this will put you ahead in the line. Please email us atsupport@maxyfi.com to know more details

Maxyfi provides easy and multiple payment options such as Stripe and Bank Transfer.

Yes, automate all your accounts receivable with Maxyfi and stay on top of your cash flow.

It is advisable to follow-up with your clients at regular intervals. Hence our methodical follow-up system allows you to follow-up with your clients as per suitable intervals.

Yes, with our templates, you can personalize and automate them to your needs.

With Maxyfi, you can integrate your cloud accounting books such as Quickbooks or upload files of .csv or .xls format.

Yes, you can upload accounting files of .csv format.

Yes, with just a click your accounting books can be easily integrated and updated.

Using our 'Request Payment Time' option you can request for more time to pay the due recievables.

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