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Automated Debt Collection Software For Early Stage Collection

Inefficient, manual processes with overdue customers frequently lead to negative interactions, damaging your reputation.

The goal of debt collection software is not only to recover debts but also to retain customers. With the latest automation features, you can make your  Early Stage Debt Collection more efficient and recover more

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Maxyfi Dashboard

Super-Effective Customer Portal For 4X Customer Experience

Get 2x Customer response and 80% faster payments with our Intuitive Customer Portal that gives quick payment options and smart features to request payment time and call back. Maxyfi enables customers to respond digitally which otherwise is impossible with limited options.

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Get A Eagle's Eye View of Multiple Customers

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Manage multiple customers with Maxyfi, as we give a 360 overview and detailed audit of your Accounts Receivable customers at one place

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With ad-hoc and customer workflow actions, our personalized dunning will recover your payment faster

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Also, find out the top debtors of your company in one screen

Maxyfi Dashboard

Unlock These Benefits By Implementing Maxyfi

With ad-hoc and customer workflow actions, our personalized dunning will recover your payment faster

Automated Human-centric Reminders

80% Productivity Improvement with streamlined invoices

2x Customer Response and Loan Repayment

Reduce Bad Debts and Increase Debt Recovery

Faster & better tracking of Dispute Resolutions

Better Promise-To Pay Kept Rate

Multi-user Collaboration and 100% Audit

Real time and Insightful Dashboard

100% Data Protection with Privacy and Security

We care for your safety and Compliance

Data security and high availability is the top priority for us at Maxyfi. We carefully choose partners, components, and methodology to give a secure and robust environment.


Application is Hosted in AWS Secure Cloud that's AICPA SOC and 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 27701:2019, 22301:2019, 9001:2015 Certified


Maxyfi Uses Stripe for Subscription and Customer Payments. All the Card information entered is securely processed by Stripe as per PCI-DSS


Maxyfi is secured with Industry best Identity management software Keycloak for user federation, strong 2FA authentication, and authorization


Maxyfi is built with Secure Coding and tested against OWASP and SANS Threats.
Hosted securely in 3 Layer Robust Architecture with Web via TLS 1.3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxyfi's advanced features, such as automated reminders, unique customer portals, and quick payments, may help you handle the debt collection process effectively. This will boost your company's cash flow and increase your debt recovery rate.

When dealing with a large number of borrowers, debt recovery software is required since manual calling and collecting gets burdensome. Debt recovery software allows companies to accelerate their recovery by automating the collection process and reducing the need for human interaction in the early stages of collection. Businesses and banks may save up to 80% on customer coverage costs for loan collections by using a humanized collections bot.

Maxyfi debt collection software includes the following features: Automated Reminders Complete visibility in the customer's profile 2X customer Response and Debt Recovery A customer portal that is unique for payment recovery Dashboard with useful information for better forecasting

Early-stage collections relate to the interval in which your customers are past-due on payments and require a corporate intervention to recover. Businesses or banks may contact customers with automated repayment reminders using current touchpoints, such as Email, SMS, or a call-back option. Customers may be unaware they are overdue or merely want a minor payment extension.