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  • icon  1500 Customer Automation
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Frequently Asked

Yes, you can. Just email us at to have our team process the Cancellation.

YES, you get 2 Months FREE on the Yearly Plan. We have Other Discounts available for the Enterprise Plan Customers.

We'd be happy to answer them through our live chat, click the bottom right corner to chat with our Awesome Support Team. You can also email us

Yes, Absolutely. You can start providing the AR Service to your clients by using Maxyfi.

Automation software automates the collection and management of payments from customers who purchased products or services on credit, including creating invoices, monitoring payments, and providing reminders to customers.

We love helping you, we have introduced an Industry Renowned FREE Certification Program called "Maxyfi Certified AR Consultant" this will put you ahead in the line. Please email us to know more details

Maxyfi provides easy and multiple payment options such as Stripe and Bank Transfer.

Yes, automate all your accounts receivable with Maxyfi and stay on top of your cash flow.

Order to cash software is a system that automates the process of receiving customer orders and managing the payment transactions associated with them.

Yes, with our templates, you can personalize and automate them to your needs.

With Maxyfi, you can integrate your cloud accounting books such as Quickbooks or upload files of .csv or .xls format.

Yes, you can upload accounting files of .csv format.

Yes, with just a click your accounting books can be easily integrated and updated.

Accounts receivable automation software, automates your tasks such as invoicing, payment reminders, and collections to streamline the process of collecting pending receivables from your customers.



to Our $600 Starter Package.

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