About Maxyfi

Maxify is a SaaS-based Account Receivable Automation Company which is designed in such a way that, it can be easily used by end -customers too


Our Mission

The vision of Maxyfi is to empower the financial people of the organization with the right insights, promising dunning strategies and intelligent tools which will help them to recover the accounts receivable super efficiently.

What made us give a start?

Our journey started 3 years ago when we were doing service -based business. We used to provide service to a customer and then raise an invoice with Payment term as 30 Days.

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    We were focusing on service delivery and not on following up on the payments. As the days passed, our DSO increased, putting our business at the stake. We appointed a person to track with the customer on payments. However, the outcome was not as expected.

  • When we dug deeper, we found the reason that ourfollowup strategy is not including a practice with casualreminders, ad-hoc timing of reminders and not following when there is a promise or resolving when there is a dispute. We also couldn't audit his work as there was no tracking system.

  • We clearly understood that we need software to make it better, where we can see the overall status and audit what follow-up is happening. We found some software that is offered to businesses and takes up to 10% of the billing value as fees. This fact hit us harder!

  • At the end we understood that every small, medium and large businesses need an easy-to-use application which should be cost effective as well. We took a step ahead and researched 100's of Accounts Receivable consultants on what they do and what pain points they go through. And that's how Maxyfi's journey on building the best Account Receivable automation software - Maxyfi started.

Why we are the best?
Easy-to-use application
Intuitive Dashboard features
One-click integration
AI-powered Collection Engine
Powerful Collection Strategy
Standardized Dunning process
Integrated communication channels
Pricing that works for all